Pitbull Gym Room Make Muscles Not Excuses poster, canvas

 Pitbull Gym Room Make Muscles Not Excuses poster, canvas

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“Pyjamas and loungewear have been doing incredibly well throughout the pandemic, [sales have increased] over 90%,” said Damien Paul, head of menswear at Matchesfashion. “[It’s] definitely a reflection of our customer prioritizing comfort as we have been working from home.”

Beth Pettet, head of menswear at John Lewis, agreed. “We expect to see a higher demand for smarter looks blended with comfortable fabrics that allow for a relaxed feel, even for more traditionally smart occasions,” she said.

For Paul, the soft and comfy look is more than a trend; it illustrates a change in lifestyle. “It’s definitely a shift in the way our customer lives,” he said.

The duality of a week spent part-time working in the office and working from home is also echoed in British high street shops like Marks and Spencer’s creating loungewear-esque work from home suits.

“We recognize that in today’s work-from-home environment, a suit may feel restrictive for our customers’ needs,” said Pettet, pointing out that John Lewis have made a smart-casual WFH suit capsule collection with Kin. “The lives of our customers have undoubtedly changed. We recognise that many of our customers are looking for a wardrobe which takes them from bedroom to boardroom,” she said.

The rise of the souped-up pyjama is also symbolic of a bigger generational shift, augured by social media, where the lines between the private and public are blurred.

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